Q1. Can my trip be designed with a stopover in another country? for example, Dubai, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh?

A:Yes, there are a number of the airlines who offer many destinations at a small extra charge, these include the destinations in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Far East. Some carriers as, Saudi Airline, Etihad, Emirates, Turkish airlines, Gulf Air and Qatar Airways, are among the carriers who offer the stopovers and the onwards trips.

Q2. How many times in a year can I go to Umrah?

A:Currently there is not restrictions on the number of times you can travel to Umrah within a year, unlike hajj once in every 5 years in accordance to Hijri calendar. This is correct on the date of publication.

Q3. It possible for a woman to travel by herself to perform Umrah or Hajj ?

A:A woman must travel with a valid Mehram which is not only a requirement of the Ministry of Hajj but also the Shariah. A Mahram can be (close male relative) i.e. father, son, brother, grandson, maternal or paternal uncle, grandfather, nephew, father-in-law and son-in-law.

Q4. How long can I stay with an Umrah visa?

A:Currently maximum number is 14 to 30 days stay, depending on the package this is correct on the date of publication. The above applies only on Umrah Visa

Q5. Is Umrah open through the year?

A:Umrah visas are currently issued between the beginning of December and normally ends 28th Sahaban departure by 25th Ramadan, please bear in mind there is a quota in place for Sahaban and Ramadan therefore book early to avoid disappointments.

Q6. What happen if there is any problem after I arrived in Saudi Arabia?

A:In any unlikely event of getting any problem with transportation and hotel bookings, prior to your departure it is our common practice that we will provide you with emergency contact numbers they are bilingual staff (speak English, Arabic, Urdu, and Bengali) and you need to contact any one of them in the first instant, they will resolve the situation Insha’Allah. Otherwise you can contact us (call, text, WhatsApp, email, skype).

Q7. What is ATOL

A:ATOL is the UK s financial protection scheme and protects you when you book a holiday with a UK ATOL holder. It will provide support so that you are not at a financial loss or without assistance abroad if your ATOL holder ceases trading. ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser s Licence and is backed by the UK Government.

Q8. What are the benefits of ATOL protction

A:ATOL stops you losing money or becoming stranded abroad if the travel business you booked with collapses: If the business ceases trading while you are on holiday, the scheme will provide support to minimise disruption to your holiday. If the business collapses before you travel, the scheme will provide a refund or replacement holiday.

Q9. What is Hajj fraud

A:Every year more than two million Muslims celebrate Hajj by making the pilgrimage to Mecca in what is the world’s biggest annual gathering of people. Within this mass of humanity are thousands of UK citizens, many of whom will have saved for years in the knowledge that, for them, this will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Unfortunately as Hajj approaches there will also be a significant number of Muslims who have paid for a tour package for themselves and their family only to discover their dreams have been shattered by fraudsters.

Q10. How can I avoid falling victim?

A:1.Do your research. Don’t book without carrying out some basic checks on your travel agency/ tour operator. 2. Check company house 3. Check ATOL ( civil aviation site ) type in the atol number 4.Check Google Reviews 5. Chech Trust Pilot 6. Check if the compnay is autherised by the Minsitry of hajj? How ? unique Munazzum number linked to the company also name son saudi embassy website. ( without visa you cannot perform hajj, visa only allocated to approx 104 UK companies )

Q11. What type of Hajj will be performing as a Group?

A:We will be performing Hajj al-Tamattu . It involves performing Umrah and then Hajj, This form of Hajj is considered the best of three forms of Hajj. It is the one that the Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him) urged his followers to perform and is the one adopted by most pilgrims from overseas.

Q12. What are the Stages of Hajj al-Tamattu ?

A:The following are the stages and rituals of Hajj al-Tamattu in brief 1. Ihram for initial Umrah 2. Tawaf and Sa ye ( Umrah ) 3. Shorten the hair 4. Exit the state of Iharm Umrah finished 5. Resume Ihram for Hajj al-Tamattu 6. Going to Mina 7. Going to Arafat 8. Going to Muzdalifah 9. Proceeding to Mina from Muzdalifah 10. Tawaf al-Ifadha & Sa’ye (option days to complete this ritual 10-11-12-*13 Dhul Hijjah ) 12. Qurbani ( Hadi ) 13. Haircut / Shave 14. Mina ( Jamarat ) 15. Farewell Tawaf

Q13. Who arranges the Qurbani (hadi) sacrificial animal? Is it included ?

A:A qurbani will be carried out on your behalf, this is included in your package.

Q14. Do you provide religious guidance seminars in London as well as during the Hajj period?

A:Yes, we provide comprehensive digital guides in four languages, English, Bengali, Urdu & Arabic as well as supplication books. A few weeks before departure we arrange one day seminar covering religious aspects as well as logistics and practical health & safety guidance. Participants also have an opportunity to ask questions during the seminar. We also hold 3 days seminar course prior to hajj aswell as lectures throughout the Hajj tour, lectures on Tawhid, Emaan & methods of closeness to Allah. Topics are broadcasted via WhatsApp to all our clients. (Google review page has samples)

Q15. What kind of clothing do you recommend?

A:The weather in Saudi Arabia is between 30C to 50C but during the winter months it can get a little chilly at night. It is recommended to pack few warm clothing such as a jumper. The rest of the time you will need cool, comfortable clothing.

Q16. How much money should I take with me and what is the exchange rate?

A:Please carry sufficient money, for any extra food, laundry bills, shopping and souvenirs. It is recommended to take at least a three hundred pounds per person, but this obviously varies from person to person. We do not recommend that you take travellers cheques as you will not have your passport with you at times when you may need to cash them. The exchange rate will vary from time to time. As a rough guide, it is nearly 4.6 Riyals to 1 British Pound ( exchange rate varies). Money changing is not difficult as there are many exchange counters around the local areas in Makkah and Madinah. Meals approx. cost around £5 or 25 Riyals outside the hotel. Meals inside the hotels are charged in a much higher price between 150 to 200 Riyals. Meals in Makkah hotels aswell as during Hajj days is FULL BOARD Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner and in Madinah Breakfast & Dinner )

Q17. Can I take some ZamZam water back to UK with me?

A:A 5 Litre Zamzam is included in your package, which will be given to you on departure from the airport.

Q18. Do I need sleeping bag and Mina Bag?

A:Sleeping Bag and Mina Duffle bag is included in your package, which will be given to you in London.

Q19. What If I fall ill during my trip?

A:A certain amount of medical care is provided by the Saudi authorities for free, however, we strongly advise you to consult your doctor prior to your trip. It is also essential to take enough medication to last you for the full period of our package.

Q20. Can we compare 5 Star Hotels and services to UK standards?

A:All the hotels in Saudi Arabia are star graded by the Ministry of Tourism and are of Saudi Arabian regulatory standard. They are not equivalent to UK standards. Room occupancy during Hajj and Ramadan season is maximised by Most Hotels, they use extra beds in Triple room, turning it into quad and turn double into triple by same method.

Q21. What happens if the date of Hajj changes due to moon sighting?

A:Our itinerary is speculative to the lunar calendar dates set according to the official Saudi calendar. However, if due to the actual sighting of the moon the day is adjusted, we have no control over this and will have to adjust the programme accordingly. (Have a few days grace period for the itinerary).

Q22. How are the tents in Mina & Arafat?

A:We use Upgrade VIP tents and offer upgraded services including sofa-beds, added AC units, hot food, plaster-board cladded tents (to keep the tent cool) and 24 hour hot / cold drinks. In Arafat modern AC tents. Both places Men and women stay in separate tents. Clinic Emergency rooms aswell as our toilets are manned by cleaners.

Q23. How do I know my hajj is accepted?

A:We will guide you before and during the Hajj period with the actual prophetic ( peace and blessings be upon him ) method of Hajj rituals, keeping away from any cultural actions and beliefs that will jeopardise your hajj reward.