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Express Hajj Package 2021

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Package Details

Flights  Departure between 13 to15 July and return 27 to 29 July 2021* (Subject to Islamic Lunar Calendar & Flight )

Travel  We travel in a group to Makkah first, as our intention is to perform Hajj and arriving early to Makkah we can perform the initial Umrah in peace and tranquility and spend time in the Haram. 

Hajj Seminar Hotel/Apartment in Makkah – 3/4 Days ( location is approx. 700 yards from the haram courtyard) 

This package being Express ( shorter period ) you will arrive directly to the seminar course apartment/hotel. We will have a recap of the rituals and brief FAQ sessions then altogether perform Umrah InshaAllah ( Guided ). In this apartment/hotel, all the rooms are clean with en-suite ( attached ) bathrooms, sharing basis or two or three or four occupancy in accordance with your booking preference.  It also has dedicated separate Musallah ( prayer place ) and restaurant.  This is situated within the Haram vicinity approx. 10 min from the haram courtyard.

This is very beneficial for the Hujjaj for several reasons. Initial stage of arriving to Makkah, our obligation is to perform Umrah, this has been completed, now the next stage of our Journey is preparation for hajj. This is the main purpose for this journey in order to complete the pillar of Islam according to the authentic method and avoiding mistakes and innovation in Mina, Arafah, Muzdalifah which unfortunately many Hujjaj            ( pilgrims) fall into due to lack of knowledge and guidance. Our aim is to completely guide all our Hujjaj to carry out this sacred ritual properly and have our sins forgiven completely by attaining Hajj Mabrour.

To facilitate this we must gain authentic knowledge of the rituals & its jurisprudence, to do this we have rented an apartment walking distance to the haram (so we can continue to pray in the haram in between our lessons and take advantage of the 100,000 reward).

Course will be held for three days and Initial Course will be on Tawheed & how it’s linked to Hajj, purification and education of our heart & mind, then it will be identifying authentic worship in comparison to innovated ones, then we will cover each Hajj days & its merits, rituals & authentic practices so we don’t fall victim to innovated cultural practices which Allah will not accept.

Schedules for the courses will be provided and its times and it will be in few languages to benefit all the Hujjaj, also dedicated FAQ sessions and sister’s session will be held.  To further assist we will have several pop ups across our tents as well as in our apartments with days & its specific rituals and certain duas.

Our experience (16 Years) and research shows this is very effective to keep focused on their purpose and very beneficial for the Hujjaj, and slowly gearing ourselves mind and body moving away from the luxury comforts towards days of hajj for the ultimate reward.

Added Bonus during the days of Hajj this apartment is accessible 24/7 for those who wish to take some rest, change and use the sanitation facilities after performing Tawaf Ifadah (Hajj Tawaf). 

Meals in Makkah During the entire stay in Makkah, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Full Board) will be provided. 

5 Star Hotel in Madinah Elaf Grand Al Majeedi, Shaza Al Madinah or Similar Standard & Location – 3/4 Days (hotels are situated approx.10 to 20 yards from the haram) 

We will travel to Madinah on the 14th Dhul Hijjah insha Allah (one day after completing our Hajj rituals), Our experience and research shows majority of the Hujjaj prefers to travel to Madinah after Hajj to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the city environment, worshipping with ease and purchasing gifts for their loved ones as well as buying dates and souvenirs.

Meals in Madinah During the entire stay in Makkah, Breakfast and Dinner (Half Board) will be provided. 

Special upgraded VIP services in Mina and Arafah  We have invested in upgraded VIP Mina Tents, which are completely secured with security guards at all entrances and exits.

Our Tents include sofa beds, new pillows, new duvets and new blankets plus more gifts in extra string bags for our Hujjaj. Our tents contain new modern duplex air condition units alongside traditional old systems. We don’t have traditional cloth entrance instead we have upgraded to shutter doors and we have new engineered fire proof plasterboards which has dual function, one to prevent fire (health and safety) and keeping the cool air inside the tent while keeping heat out. Shutter door and plaster board walls serves a vital protection from sand storms and heavy rain, which often floods the Mina Area. 

All our Hujjaj have adequate spaces in the tents compared to other economy tents.  Our Arafat tents are likewise equipped with nonstandard traditional air conditioned system, they are equipped with modern air condition system and sofa beds.

When we create Hajj package we invest more on these facilities during the Hajj dates as we know the hardship endured by the Hujjaj on economy tents and even at times their air conditioned fail to work, some of them fall ill due to standard of facilities.

Another area is great concerns for the Hujjaj is the sanitation (toilet) facilities, we in upgraded VIP tents have less numbers using the toilet facilities compared to economy tents and we have a cleaner outside regularly keeping the toilets clean.

Also added bonus in our tents area, we have a small emergency treatment room, treating basic medical conditions rather than going to Mina Hospital and waiting for hours.  

Upgraded VIP tents also have upgraded meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) better portions and quality and variety compared to economy ones, and 24/7 fruits and drinks (hot & cold) are provided with Zamzam water readily available to consume.

In Arafat we also have refreshments kiosk 24/ serving drinks, ice creams.  (All the above can be viewed in our clip )

Hajj Visa Guaranteed We are authorised & approved agent by the Ministry of Hajj (MOH) we have been allocated our own Hajj Visa since 2004 and approximately 110 travel agents in UK have been allocated the Hajj Visas. While over thousand travel agents offer Hajj packages.  Therefore your hajj Visa will have our company name on the visa certificate as well as hand wrist band to enter Mina tents, they are all linked.

Air Travel Organisers Licencing (ATOL)   This is Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) scheme to give financial protection to customers who purchase package holidays & tours and off course hajj & Umrah.  It is illegal to operate in UK without having this license

Warning  These two above items ( ATOL & Hajj License )  are extremely important, if the travel agent is not authorised or approved by the Ministry of hajj, there is no guarantee they can supply you the Hajj visa.  Recently police reports from London as well as Midlands shows over hundred of thousands of money has been fraudulently taken from Hujjaj. 

It has been so bad there is a special police force setup working with trading standard.  Those who fall victim of these fraudulent travel agents not just lose their money but fall into depression and creates misery in their lives and eventually affects their spirituality ( Emaan ) too.  

How to spot the Authorised travel agents, their name will be in the list in the embassy website as well their documentation Munazzam number will have their name of their company. 

Secondly not having ATOL means no recovery of the funds in most cases, this can be identified by ATOL website search their ATOL number, this number should match with the company name. Some travel agents even go fake the ATOL number, which is criminal offence and of you wear to google fraudulent ATOL agents you will find them in Birmingham, Luton and London.

We must work together to keep rogue travel agents from corrupting this market and jeopardising so many lives of our Muslim Ummah.   

Verified Google Reviews  (5 Star) & TrustPilot (Excellent )  Alhamdulilah by the permission of Allah we try our best to please all our clients, every year we go step further and listen to their feedback and improve our services, we do all to seek the pleasure of Allah to make it easy for our Hujjaj. Our Service to our Hujjaj is our service to Allah 

Round Transportation by air conditioned coach We have invest in upgraded VIP coaches compare to economy standards coaches, to enable our Hujjaj to have a better comfortable and safe Journeys.

Qurbani( Hadi / Udhiya )  We don’t charge extra payments between £130 to £150 per person, we believe is a commercial advertisement practice to lure the clients with lower package price, rather we include it in our package because Qurbani ( Hadi ) is part of Hajj for majority of the Hujjaj except locals who carries out hajj Ifrad. 

Alhamdulilah we have our own designated areas within the Haram boundary we purchase around 800 to 1000 animals and we sacrifice them on the first day and we distribute to poor Makkah locals mainly from Rohinga Muslims.  We don’t sublet this service due to integrity and honesty.  We have been carrying out this service over 15 years.

Islamic Guidance & Seminar We have a Seminar Day, using Power Point Presentation to explain the Hajj Rituals and a chance for all to meet and greet each other.  Which is held few weeks prior to our departure.

 Also through the entire journey Authentic reminders will be provided on Tawheed, Emaan, Ibada, Taqwa, Family life, Merits of Makkah & Madinah, Seerah & Merits of Hajj & Umrah ) 

Expertise & Staff  Having lived in Saudi Arabia nearly  a decade I have local knowledge and language to support our Hujjaj. Also we have Staff from London male and female as well as local form Makkah to assist and help our Hujjaj.

Guided Tour of Historical places in Madinah  Guided tour to date market, Saqeefah Gardens, Baqi, Rawdah, Prophets Graveyard, Mount Uhud, Climb Mount Rumah, Battle of Khandaq, Madjid Quba & visit local shopping places & open markets

Complimentary Gifts 

·        Authentic Digital Hajj Guide Approved by The Ministry of Hajj (English/Arabic/Bengali & Urdu)

·        Authentic Digital Dua Book

·        100% Cotton Ihram 1 pair for male only & YouTube guide how to wear it.

·        Unique personalised string bags (client’s names printed), easier identification.

·        Personal Lanyards ID Cards with Important Numbers

·        Wrist band in Arabic for security ( given before entering Mina Tent )

·        Hajj Mina Duffle Bag ( this is very useful to keep your belongings during hajj days )

·        Umbrella to keep away from harmful sun rays for health and safety

·        Branded Luggage tags to find ones luggage in ease from thousands of luggage in hajj terminal & during the journeys between cities.

·        Free Zamzam 5 Litre per person


 ( Early Bird offer £100 off from the mentioned price is only applicable for those who books early, Discount period is until 28th February 2021 )

 (Instalment arrangements are available to assist our Hujjaj.) 

Flights Group Guided Package is restricted to the Fixed Flights & Dates upon Islamic calendar. 
Visa There are specific requirements for attaining the visa, we are approved & authorised agents of Ministry of Hajj, he we have been allocated visa, therefore your visa is guaranteed.
Hotels Saudi Hotel standards are not usually equivalent to international standards and subject to availability.
Room Type Room types are in relation to the above package prices in Makkah & Madinah hotels only, not in Seminar apartment, you will be sharing in a quad basis, and complete sharing in Mina, Arafah & Muzdalifah (Hajj places).
Transportations Complete modern Air conditioned coach.
Flexibility we understand the importance of flexibility therefore the above package can be tailored to suit your needs, ( shortened )
Passports They must be valid for at least 7 Months from the date of entry into Saudi Arabia. If foreign proof of residency in the UK. 
Pictures 2 Passport Sized photographs ( must have white background )
Mahram All women (regardless of the age) and children under 18 will require an accompanied Male adult to act as their Mahram.
Vaccination All passengers must obtain a certificate of vaccination for Meningitis ACWY. (Vaccination Certificate costs can vary across different pharmacies, GPs travel clinics and other providers.) 
New Muslims Certificate form Mosque